Culinary Experience

Food is a very import aspect of the Retreat. When you walk into Blue Serenity you will find yourself surrounded by the smell of the tea wafting in the air, baked apples and local fruits and vegetables that are insanely popular this time of year along with plenty of freshly picked coconuts, the iconic symbol of the Caribbean. 

Each gourmet meal is prepared from recipes that combine flavors that are both complex and delicious to a healthy way of eating. Local Caribbean flare will be the cornerstone of our meals, such as, sir-fried seafood with vegetables or ginger grilled salmon with saffron quinoa. Be prepared to delight your tastebuds.


During this Health & Wellness Retreat we will talk about:

  • Nutritional Balancing and the balanced diet as a nutritional lifestyle that promotes long-term good health; a good diet reflects a reduction and eliminate processed foods, carbonated soda, sugar, carbohydrates and increase intake of vegetables and protein
  • Sourcing quality food is key to healthy eating; consuming the right quantities from all food groups creates balanced health plan.
  • Diet is often referred to a dietary regimen for losing weight; however, ‘diet’ simply means what food we eat in the course of a 24-hour, one week and beyond.

Eating for your Health and getting the ‘Good Stuff’ in:

  • How processed food has changed our food supply
  • How to stock a healthy kitchen
  • Cooking with Organics

Food as Medicine:

  • Breaking the cycle of inflammation; pinpoint factors to outsmart the inflammation process
  • Immune boosting foods
  • Organic nutrient dense foods
  • Creating a high alkaline diet